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Let's Record Outside! Here's How.

Updated: Feb 20

Shooting videos outdoors can be fun (and healthy ☀️), but because you're at the whim of the outside elements, you'll need these four things to ensure your videos grab and hold your viewers attention.

📲 Smartphone

We all have one. And you know what a powerful tool it is, including its camera. 📸

So there's no need to splurge on a separate camera (though I do love my Sony ZV-1 for on-the-go videos) because your smartphone is capable of shooting incredible video.

Did you know it can even come in handy as a high quality webcam that you can use during virtual engagements with your clients?

🎙 Lavalier Microphone

This is an absolute must have for any outdoor videos, and they're not only budget friendly ($12-$40), they also don't take up any space so you can easily bring them on a hike, bike ride, walk, etc.

So what is a lavalier mic? It's those tiny microphones (pictured) that you clip on to your clothing.

Don't let their small size fool you - they're surprisingly effective.

Head over to Amazon and search for "lavalier microphone" and be sure to get one that plugs in to your smartphone.

Pro tip: Your lav mic’s cord should go under your shirt so the cord isn't shown hanging and distracting in your video.

Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks might make you cringe, conjuring up images of tourists ruining the experience with their selfie sticks waving all about, but trust me, getting a selfie stick is a game changer for shooting outdoor videos (no matter how strange it feels to admit that you’re about to get one for yourself!).

Just using your arm to hold your phone up while recording often isn’t ideal as the length of your arm just isn't enough and can result in unflattering angles and cutting off parts of your face.

Selfie sticks also help if you (as everyone does!) struggle to maintain perfect eye contact with your phone’s camera. And they're great for showcasing your background/environment, which isn't just a lovely sight but also sprinkles in a bit of personality to your video!

The selfie stick that I have works as a tripod as well — another reason why it has become one of my trustiest tools when shooting videos outdoors.

Remote Shutter

Want to remove the need to edit those first and last few seconds where you're reaching for the record/stop button?