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Upcoming Workshops

These two six-week workshops are designed to be taken together as a 12-week workshop.
This helps to build consistency and camaraderie with your cohort and build on your skills week after week. 
Six-Week Video Foundations Workshop

The next workshop kicks off Tuesday, September 5th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. It will run for 60-mins every Tuesday at that time until November 28th (for the full 12-weeks). 

So... what's in store for the six weeks?

Week 1: Building Comfort & Confidence on Camera
👀 The importance of eye contact and smiling

😬 Strategies to calm your nerves
🖥 Tools for recording and sharing
✅ Homework: Practice recording (and sharing!) your first video – your passions and interests

Week 2: Simplifying the Technical
🎤 Ensuring you’ve got great audio
☀ Finding your best light
🌇 A look at your camera, framing and background
✅ Homework: Send a gratitude video and purchase any necessary equipment

Week 3: Storytelling Strategies 
✍️ Five key ways to create valuable and engaging content 

💻 Learn how to leverage ChatGPT and other AI tools
👏 Review last week's homework with live coaching and feedback
✅ Homework: Outline your next three videos using these strategies and record at least one

Week 4: Editing Together
🎯 Bring your most recent video and assets and we'll edit it all together live
🙌 How to easily take your editing to the next level
🔇 The importance of adding captions
✅ Homework: Create a listicle-style video on a topic important to your target audience

Week 5: A Change of Scenery

👩‍💼 Bringing personality to your videos and marketing

🏡 Mixing up the location and angles to keep it fresh
🏞 Indoor vs. outdoor videos: equipment and considerations

✅ Homework: Record your next video or re-record a prior video

Week 6: Creating Your Content Plan
🗓 Three easy ways to fill your (provided!) content calendar
🌱 Deciding how you’ll use video in your business
🎉 FAQs and wrap up
✅ Homework: Complete your content plan for the next 12-months and record at least one new video using all strategies to date

Six-Week Video Marketing Workshop

So... what's in store for these six weeks?

Week 1: The Low-Hanging Fruit

🍒 Easy ways to start leveraging video in your marketing 

🛠️ Tools that make video creation and distribution easy 

🥅 Setting your goals for video in your business

✅ Homework: Execute at least one strategy in the next week 


Week 2: Your About Video + Adding Music

🤩 Outlining an effective About video to boost your brand and business

🎶 When and how to use music in your videos

✅ Homework: Record your About video


Week 3: Leveraging Your Video and Marketing Efforts

🔥 How and why you should build a video-first marketing strategy 

🙅🏼‍♀️ Why you should rarely share a video only once

🔎 Researching the topics (and language!) most relevant to your target audience 

✅ Homework: Find ten relevant topics and record a video for on

Week 4: Thumbnails and Social Posting 

🏆 Creating thumbnails that entice people to watch your video 

💬 How to write compelling social media copy to accompany your videos

🚀 Best practices for posting videos to social - including captions! 

✅ Homework: Create your thumbnail template and post a video or snippet to social


Week 5: Your YouTube Channel Pt. 1 

✨ Why you should have a YouTube channel

▶️ Your name, handle, photo and banner image 

🙌 Outlining your welcome video and call-to-action  

✅ Homework: Record your Channel's welcome video 


Week 6: Your YouTube Channel Pt. 2

🎯 YouTube best practices: titles, descriptions, chapters, SEO, etc.  

📈 What analytics to look at: pre- and post-video creation 

😎 Outlining your first/best YouTube video! 

🎉 FAQs and wrap up

✅ Homework: Record and post your first (or newest!) YouTube video 

  • Maximum of 10 people in each workshop to ensure you get personal coaching

  • Anyone in financial advice or financial planning or that works with advisors and planners is welcome

  • All communication is done via a private Slack group

  • No knowledge or equipment is needed. You'll get personal recommendations if you'd like to upgrade.

  • Must be open to having some fun and trying things outside your comfort zone! 


$1,875 for the 12-weeks, which includes:

  • 🔥 Two professionally edited videos, up to 3 minutes (within one month of the workshop ending). A $520 value, plus ongoing access to our editing services with no additional setup fees. 

  • 12-weeks of personal coaching, including anytime access to Katie via Slack. A $4,200 value.

  • YouTube thumbnails and banners. A $275 value.

The price is increasing to $1,995 on January 1, 2024. 

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